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Encounter 2003

Encounter2003 Release 4.1 is the first ever multithreaded sound editor in the Windows world.

Load files and work on files while other filters are still running in the background. Cut, copy and paste audio content from file to file - even they have different audio properties, change it's volume and pitch and more. Encounter2003 also features the EncounterExtension plug-in architecture, which allows you to add functionality directly via it's web plug-in.

This software is designed for Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. Please note that development and support of the Encounter software has ended as of 2006. Feel free to still use it.

- Audio CD Player built-in
- Prerecording sound volume testing capabilities
- Fully multithreaded operation
- VisualSound technology
- Extendable via Encounter Extensions add-on modules...
- MP3 and AVI-sound decoding support
- very easy to use - office-like operation, intuitive interface
- award-winning SoundEdit inplace-copy function allows you to copy and paste different sound formats (8/16 bit, 22/44kHz, MONO/STEREO, etc..) without the need of external conversion - just drag and drop!
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